What is it?

The Fireshark Truck is the world’s first immersive video game room on wheels. It's all the fun of the Fireshark Theater inside a 20 foot trailer. Fireshark’s patent pending technology allows a giant video game to be projected on the floor and walls of the trailer to create a unique video game experience. The Fireshark Truck is a unique attraction for birthday parties, corporate events, youth group celebrations, or fundraisers. Built to hold 16 players at once the Fireshark Truck has all the features to be a revenue generating machine…literally.

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kids love Fireshark Gaming


kids love Fireshark Gaming

The perfect business opportunity for self-starters looking to own and operate their own business. You will be bringing a brand new attraction to your market and reap the rewards while being your own boss, setting your own schedule and doing what you love!

Benefits of owning a Fireshark Truck

be your own boss


Purchase your Fireshark Truck through us today at the price or lower of conventional video game trailers (financing options available as well). Begin marketing your one-of-a-kind attraction in your local area and find out first hand just how much customers will love the idea of Fireshark Truck experience.

Fun Money

Small Business = Big Profits

Low overhead and high margins offer a very attractive return on investment and breakeven for any investor. With the ability to charge up to $200/hr for private parties and $5/player session at public events you will be quickly forgetting your old dead end job and saying hello to the life of being an entrepreneur.

fun for all ages
Fireshark Truck is a lot of fun

How is a Fireshark Truck different from the other video game trucks out there?

> State of the art, one-of-a-kind technology AND content
Our patent pending immersive environments are like nothing currently on the market which creates an OMG reaction from customers and party-goers. Also, our games are created in house so they are built specifically for the commercial marketplace where a high volume of players (16) play in a single game against one another. Let’s just say you won’t find this experience in your grandma’s basement.

> Ability to monetize events through individual player sales
When other video game trucks go to events usually charge nothing to the players and chalk it up as marketing. Not the Fireshark Truck. The Fireshark Truck gives you the ability to monetize every player that comes through the door; creating amazing revenue potential, especially at large events. The Fireshark Truck has the ability to monetize players because there is a definitive start and stop to each game, similar to an amusement ride. The other game trucks have a hard time enforcing these types of cutoffs therefore they usually resort to doing them for free or not at all. This means a huge untapped market. Think of it as getting paid to market your business…we like our cake and eating it too!

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